Nov 3, 2007

Time testing the P220

For something as contemporary as the P220, we thought we could do with a time test. What with quality issues plaguing the other Pulsars and things like that!

So we took our test bike round and round the roads till we clocked a thousand kays! Yes, our road test reports will be out soon.

Till then, here is a desktop wallpaper of our man, Mc. Veggie Sumit putting in his share of kays on that odo! Also fits widescreens at 1280 x 960 pixels!
- Enjoy!


Max said...

P220 fever eh? nice :-)



ps - I got a chance to fling a just ran in P220 for a bit too, quite surprised. I underestimated it, its much better than what I thought it would turn out to be!

Max said...

Yes Max, we were kind of shell shocked ourselves. Got blown away man. Great bike. Hope its long lasting too...