Nov 3, 2007

WYSIWYG- Where you see is where you go!

I have been trying out this neat little technique while riding these days. Its simple. Just train your eyes to make you a more effective rider. Life is such that we keep having problems. Its either our partner, the boss, the city, the job or finances. Most of our time is spent on the problem. Brooding and sulking seldom helps here, if I may add.

Similarly, while riding out there, I am sure you have faced a situation where, you see a rut on the road coming ahead of you and you cannot do a damn thing about it! You hit it smack on and your family jewels probably cry louder than your suspension. Happened to me too! Now I simply look away from the rut when its coming.

You see, in biking, you will go where you see. So train your eyes to focus on the solution rather than the problem. A blind bicyclist, a goat or a rut is the problem. The clear road in the vicinity from where you can pass by is the solution. Keep looking at that goat that suddenly came in your path and you will turn it into some kind of curry soon. Not to mention that you might get flung off your ride due to the impact!

Look away. At the best exit point, the clear patch and you will be safe 9 out of 10 times. It works! Understood that it takes a bit of unlearning but I am doing my share of it. Join me!
- Rahul


Max said...

I think you should wait till you're aok and back to a hundred percent before venturing out again!!!!!


Max said...

Hehehehe... I should have ended that with "Join me in bed with traction.." ;)
Leaving it with just the first four words, however, would have the women's right on us, yet it would be so like Monoshock!