Nov 23, 2007

No milkman's bike please! - Which 150?

I would like to buy a 150cc class bike. I have Apache RTR 160 and HH Hunk on my mind. I will not go for Pulsar because every Milkman owns it. ( tired of watching too many of them ) I do not like the looks of Unicorn and CBZ-X. Apache looks great, but TVS quality sucks. On the other hand Hunk is reliable as it is an HH product, but does not come with loaded features as an RTR. I am damn confused in choosing between Apache RTR and Hunk. Please, tell me what you would have done if you were in my place.
Thanks and Regards.
- Harshal Dharankar

Hello Harshal,
Thats a toughy out there. The choice between the RTR and the Hunk is a purely personal one as they are both able machines. What the hunk does not provide in terms of bells and whistles, it makes up for in the feel department. We are currently testing the Hunk out and can tell you that there is something about the bike that is really awesome. It feels great, nimble and is put together well.
If we were in your place, looking at a true blue 150, the Hunk would be our choice, eyes closed!
- Ride safe buddy!

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Srinivas said...

You sound like a hardcore racist, whatz wrong with milkman ? You should hate bike not people riding it, my neighbourhood cobbler owns Karizma !!