Nov 4, 2007

Bigdog bike of the month - November!

Hey guys, its that time of the month again. The Bigdog bike of the month is out.

The lesser the said the better! It promises to light up your month. Max, mate, hope it brings you out of your November Rain blues! ;)

- The Monoshock Team


Max said...

Now that is one mean looking baby! The clear lines, that semi open stance, the curves! What's she called? (the bike silly!!) :D

Thanks buddies, this rain thingy is really beginning to get to me, no bike for almost a month now!

Appreciate it!

Max :) said...

Oh yeah, you can say that again. No bike for a month souds shitty dude!
Hope things clear out in a jiffy.

And yes, those darn lines are immortal alright!

Max said...

guess what, am back on the bike! No rains today, its almost too good to be true! Got it to work today, after an oil change, lube job and customary tappet adjustment of course :-)

happy times! :-)



ps - shitty is an understatement. You have no clue the torture I've endured for the last one month without 2 wheels! Deprived is not the word! said...

Cheers! Good to hear that!