Nov 6, 2007

So long my friend!

You know how amazing that new bike feeling is? You go to the showroom, one look at her and you know she is your's. You are already weaving a basket full of dreams around her. You close your eyes as they ready the papers and images of you and her on a long twisting highway start flooding your inner eye. Then you run her in. You enjoy every moment absorbing the thrust, braking and handling abilities.

Now what if after all this, you have to return the bike back to base as if it was never your's? Hard eh? We do it all the time. Every bike we run in, road test and fall in love with just goes back. Trust us when we tell you, we have returned bikes, sat in road side tea stalls and talked about how much we miss her. It is difficult. But life is like that. Reminds us of this amazing track by Yanni called "So long my friend". Though its instrumental, you can feel the loss in the melody.

From the album - Dare to Dream, its a must have for every music lover. You can take our word for it.
So long my friend!

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