Nov 16, 2007

Our cup of tea!

A lot can happen over tea. You wonder how we mooched that famous one liner and replaced the last word with tea eh? :-D

A lot of bonding, relaxation and work happens over endless cups of tea at Monoshock. Our Ed in Chief, Ben needs loads of it to go through a day. Some great relationships a few of our resident road testers have had, had a lot to do with earthen cups full of the brew. Here is an image that could be called, Days gone by! We love it.

- The Monoshock Team


Max said...

Coffee Coffee Coffee! :p

Only in dire circumstances shall I ever commit sacrilege by sipping on tea (sulemani at that, or at least Assamee Masala!)


Max said...

Yeah, right Mr. Beans ;-)
I am only upto coffee, and like hell at that if it is coffee of Rahul Bose fame. You know, a lil overbrewed, leggy(!) and full bodied.. Oh how would you know Max? While everyone is busy finding and/ or conning their coffees, you are reflecting on some crazy issue, pelting down the street on twos and yeah, putting distance between yourself and the civilised world.
But, thats what makes you so darn endearing at Monoshock!

Katîb said...

An excellent picture!