Nov 2, 2007

Colours of the Indian Highway #1

Those are a lot of colours out there. The road has promises and great images on the Indian Highway system are just a finger press away. Here is the P220 posing on NH2 as a whole bunch of vehicles of all kinds zip by!

Photo Data: A Nikon D80 with an AF Nikkor 24mm F 2.8 was used for this. Aperture set to 8, focus done on the tail lamp of the P220, Auto focus locked, camera placed on the road and fired. Shutter speed was about 6 seconds! Hence no hand holding allowed! No post editing done.
Wallpaper size: 1280 x 960 pixels.
- Enjoy!


Ann said...

I bought my D80 in the summer of 2006 as a lightweight, full-image-performance alternative to my D200 for traveling light. I was right: my D80 was my favorite camera to grab when I had to travel with it for the week, as I did at the beginning of October 2006 in Las Vegas, and the first week of November 2006 to New York City said...

Hey Ann,
Right you are there, as the D80 is my personal favorite too... However, its built very light and cannot take a fall/ hard impact well.
Good to hear about the pics.. Send us some for our site if you wish to. Just email them to
- Rahul