Nov 18, 2007

125cc. Prioritized Purchase!

I need to buy a bike in 125 segment in the month of December
My preferences are are listed prioritiwise as
1) Mileage
2) Less and affordable maintenance
3) Power
4) Economical in long run
5) Looks
Please help me to choose One of the best.

- Sanjay Yadav

Hello Sanjay,
Thanks for writing in. Going by your requirements, we would recommend the Bajaj XCD 125 to you. It has the looks, the new era styling, ample performance for a 125cc econocommuter and will give you a steady mileage of 72 kays to a litre in real world conditions.

You can also read our road test on the XCD 125 here>>

Let us know what you finally end up buying. And keep aside some money for a good full face helmet when you buy that bike. Like the good ol' joke that goes 'Especially in December, gift wrap your member!'
- The Monoshock Team


Sanjay Yadav said...

Thanks for your reply.

Please be noted that i am 5 ft 11 inches wt 70 kgs, and i have seen this bike in showroom ( not tested ) and felt quite low.
do you still recommend Bajaj xcd


Sanjay Yadav

Payeng said...

The XCD looks and feels small..

For a 5 ft 11 inch guys the Yamaha Gladiator would be a more suitable option..

The 70 Kgs isn't a problem though.

Sanjay said...

hi payeng.

my main concern is mileage in 125 cc and i feel that yamaha bikes are not meant for mileage, isn't it ?