Nov 11, 2007

When less is more - CBZ Xtreme

Get this: 7 out of 10 men think that they are, er, not big enough! I hope you understand what we are saying. The reality is that size seldom matters to the other side. So, stop drooling at big cubes. That is the typical manly thing to do. Concentrate on performance instead!

So while most of you were preparing for the Dewali night, we were having fun with this red explosive too!

Full story and stunning wallpapers here>>
- Ride Safe

1 comment: said...

I have gone through the article which is really really really good and s size doesn't matter. In the same way i request u to do the same for the unicorn too.
U have illustrated how to lift the front end and butt, but how to do burn outs in this puny 150cc (puny when considering the burn outs)
"vroom the throttle from low end and the sound deepens with a bass" i have tried it b4 s it really works and is a gr8 music too, but which is not available in all the gear, as u reach the top of the power band and the rev again becomes whirr which is soar in my context.
"Try it in the wet and the front will let go and draw your hospital bill out on the wet tarmac!" s this is really fact but not only hospital bill but even service bills too" (beautifully narrated and giving a message)
- Vijai Sent this in by mail!

Thanks Vijai