Nov 7, 2007

This Dewali, think of this post!

This Dewali, while you give the local firecracker seller a visit, think of this image! We do not need any more of this gunk being dumped into the air. Our bikes are already doing our share of polluting which is adding to our carbon footprints, so refrain from adding any more.

Buy yourself something nice, or your partner something. Save up the money and buy a helmet that you have been looking at for some time or just watch a movie.

Every cracker that explodes takes our earth a step closer to destruction. The polar ice caps are melting, the glaciers and moving faster than ever. The climate is changing globally! Can't we see it all coming? If you can, then make a difference.

Even if the whole world does not stop this Dewali, you can make your share of difference by being a non polluting Indian!

We, at Monoshock are celebrating a non fire Dewali. We are going to make our little share of difference.
- Hope the earth makes it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you are dayum rit mates. i will be on a no fire diwali too. thatz a promise.