Nov 18, 2007

Truckies now have a bad habit!

Quite often, when I go down the highways these days, I have made a strange observation. It has something to do with the truckies. See, principally, I am totally against overtaking trucks from the left hand side.

However, when I am approaching a truck from behind, I feel many times that the guy on the wheel up front does not know which side I am going to pass him from. Small cars and zippy bikes on the highway just go through the convoy of trucks like an obstacle course. If there is space on the left, they will get their nose in and gun the engine. If there is space on the right, they will take a moment to decide which side will it be more fun to do their stuff this time! So, truckies are now a confused lot. They are not sure which way a small vehicle behind them will go. So I pull close to a truck when I want to overtake it, flash a couple of times and stay right there till he moves and then I pass him with confidence and safety and a small nod as I go past his cabin!

In India, we overtake from the right hand side of a vehicle. So let us keep the highways disciplined. Just try it. You will be amazed at how well mannered truckies really are. They have never let me down. How about you? Tell us.
- Rahul


Max said...

Very True. A few flashes of high beam is all it requires to get them to move aside, no matter what you're on! Extremely well behaved )if only the educated, city dwellers take their cue, albeit from supposedly uneducated, ill-mannered truck drivers!

One has to give credit where its due. There's no point honking because they can rarely hear you with all the cacophony engaged under their hood, make sure you dip a couple of times!

Before any of you bad mouth them, remember this ^ is coming from one who has been hit head on by a truck, and travelled over 10000kms (never counted but it sounds about right) across Indian highways.

Take my word for it, they rule the highways, but benevolently at that, use your lights If you want to overtake, be patient (it takes a bit to move a gargantuan mammoth out of the way) and they WILL give you way, 99.9% of the time. (Incessant Honking will only piss a trucker off, you would be too, so just flash!)

Before doing all that, remember, highways are dangerous, ride/drive safe and follow lanes. In case you havent noticed, watch a trucker on a decent 4 laner, he will follow lines and road signs to the T. At least most of them would.



ps - NICE ONE RAHUL! said...

Thanks mate... It is amazing how our actions can change the way truckies think eh?

Max said...

Rahul - totally buddy! These guys are a very misunderstood lot. They lead much tougher lives than your average inter-city bus driver. In all my travels, there has always been some occassion or the other to wave an obligatoryy hand at at leasts few of them for having been kind enough to give way or offer assistance during breakdowns!



sandeepbagchi said...

sometimes flashing doesnt helps.
few truckies do give side.
but few are adament and they hold there ground.

Normally i have found the best practise is to keep a safe distance behind the truck.
Flash a few time then have quick look at road right.
if clear pull clear of the truck. said...

Absolutely dude! Some buggers are just adamant.. But most truckies are good guys!

sandeepbagchi said...

Most of the times on highways i have found truckies are better "drivers" than a MUV,SUV or a CAR driver.
these guys seldom give side as if they bought the road as they bought there vehicle.
Plus of giving light signal to them they wont turn into dipper unless something more powerful is comming from opposite side.

Just feel like installing a light that could blind these car walas.

Twin Spark said...

Agree! Truckies are the most disciplined drivers on the Highway. Period.

THE FALCON said...

Completely agree.....have rode with them on Mumbai-Pune and Blore-NH4...and even on ORR-Blore....very very well behaved lot.Cannot say the same for buses/cabs/private vehicles though. The private even dont know if I am wanting them to lower their beams when I dip....even with so much light on ORR they drive with full beam.
Educated illiterates !!!