Nov 15, 2007

Looking for an RD 350 HT- Nothing else!

Hi, I am shahrukh azim from mhow. Actually i have nothing to say but i am looking for an rd 350 HT model so if u can help in getting a good stock rd 350 it would be gr8.

Hello Shahrukh,
Thanks for writing in. The RD 350 was a legendary bike of it's era. However, it is important for you to figure out for yourself that it was a polluting 2 stroke engine that does not make any sense anymore! Everytime you ride your RD, all you will do is dump toxins into the already dirty atmosphere. We say get yourself a 4 stroke motorcycle. The P220 comes to mind for some awesome performance and reliability!
- The Monoshock Team


Max said...

looking for a "stock" RD 350, that too HT... hhhhm. Well, aren't we all ;-)

Sorry to disappoint you buddy, there ain't NO stock RDs in India, and least of all HTs... Its a pain to maintain, most of the sellers are out to make a quick, extra buck out of it, and most of the bikes are not half as good as they used to be (get a decent RXZ and port it instead).. this by the way is coming from an ex RD owner, ex member of RDOC (owners club), so on and so forth....

if you really want one, look for a decently maintained LT and re-tune it (am assuming you know the difference between why one was called HT and one LT). Or as suggested, get a nice P220 and re-map the ECU (oops, did I say too much!) ;-)




theslayer said...

Ah.. the Green Monoshock campaign is getting to you Sir!

theslayer said...

"I got onto the RD, kick started it to life and the sound of the smoker simply overtook my senses. I shifted to first, opened up the throttle a little…changed to second at 4K RPM. The empty road beckoned in front of me and I decided it was time to go…I revved higher this time, the power band opened up, the front wheel went flying. The thirty odd horses were dispatched to the ground in a manic rush. The acceleration was mind numbing through each of the 6 gears. The raw power and grunt of the RD cannot be expressed in mere words. Before the end of the flyover I glanced over to the Speedo and saw the needle coming down from 150 km/h. Given, that the drum brakes on the RD are…well, “inadequate” for lack of a better word, I dropped the anchors early by downshifting and rolled to a stop. By then my mind was buzzing with the symphony of the two stroke parallel twin and for some reason the word “super bike” was resounding in my skull. I badly wanted to have another go on the bike but the impressive looking Comet GT 250 was too tempting to pass off."

Who said that now? said...

@ theslayer

You are right about that buddy! The Green stuff is getting to us. The RD is a legend. I guess we cannot take it away from that machine. But the truth remains. We need to live first. Hence the lessen your carbon footprint campaign and advice! And we will stick to that... albeit with a tear in our eyes!

Anonymous said...

Opulently I agree but I dream the collection should have more info then it has.