Nov 16, 2007

A day by the river. CBZ Xtreme and all!

I spent the day by the river today. This was no deserted, scenic riverside. Men and women of all ages were jostling for space like auto rickshaws in office time Bangalore traffic! The few pockets of space that remained were filled up by stray dogs, that were amazed at the sudden turnout of humans, eating away into their private spaces.

Today was Chhat, a festival celebrated in Northern - Central India, with much gusto and colour. However, amidst all the chaos, there was an amazing riot of colours. Our red CBZ Xtreme added to the heady mix of hues. Very beautiful women in traditional Indian dresses had hit the streets. The sun occassionally glinting on the precious stones that hung by their slender necks. Everyone was headed for the river. Cheap music systems by the roadside played folk songs from the heart of India in a very sweet language. The air was charged with a strange kind of romance! I am not a very social creature and festivals are not my cup of tea. But, as a stranger to all of this, I could not help but think about the beauty of life and human relationships.

And more so, in Ruskin Bond's India, Jim Corbett's India, My India!
- Rahul

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