Oct 31, 2007

The Monoshock P220 Tadka Blast!

We, at Monoshock can do anything for food. So while the city was struck by a political bandh, our ed mooched our road test black P220 and headed out for some tadka, a hundred kays from home.

Read the rough weather report, the tale of a unique gastronomic adventure and download some cool wallpapers here>>
- Enjoy


Anonymous said...

Poignant. Totally so. Wud luv to ride with you buddy.... Sumday
- Neeraj

Anonymous said...

Once again the images bewildered my mind. fantastic stuff..

Nirmalya said...

Hi Rahul its quite some time that we met, lets meet on some weekend and have a ride. I'm really very fired up after reading your story on P220 & TADKA.

Bye for now,
Ride safe

www.monoshock.in said...

Hey Nirmalya,
Good to hear from you mate! Yes, the P220 is an awesome machine. Completely floored us. Sure we can meet on some weekend after the one coming.
Keep in touch.
- Rahul