Oct 21, 2007

Wishing to buy a Pulsar 200!

Hi Rahul,

I would be very pleased if you help me out on this. I am living in Pune and going to office involves a 30Km drive one way, partly in city and highway driving condition. I was interested in buying a P-200. I will be using it for almost 4 days a week, rest I will use a car. Traveling on a bike in Pune gets u there much faster. I was interested in knowing the fuel consumption figures for this bike. For Rs 73,220 will it be worth give good riding pleasure. Please advice. Thanks & Regards

Parag Dhande

Hello Parag,

Thanks for writing in. The P200 is an able machine. The best part about it is the ease with which it can handle traffic crawls and highway blasts alike. Still one of the best offerings from Bajaj! The bike we tested gave us between 40 and 45 kays to a litre of petrol. In your case, with a mixed riding condition, you can expect an average of about 43 kays to a litre if you are gentle on the gas. And yes, it is worth every buck that you spend on it. Only trouble is, that the lovely 200 lettering on the rear panels will probably fall off in a while. Take extra care of them. Ride safe.
- Rahul


Anonymous said...

hi rahul ,

i ve booked a p200 a week back im expecting it in the month end i m a very normalrider i dont have much of experience though i ve ridden many bikes nd this isone is completely different please tell me the necessary things i mean to when to reduce gears nd small things whihc can let take care of it properly please tell me how to use it effectively


Shreyash said...

Hi Kapil,

The Pulsar 200cc is a Real Monster on the road.

Just ensure that you drive below 50 kmph strictly before 1000/1500 kms.

The Tyres would be a bit skiddy at the start, so watch out for water, and take your turns slow on water.
Once the rubber is burned a bit, it would show you amazing control.
The Disc brake works wonders, and the bike does not skid at high speed braking.

The only problem i have had is with the gear box, not smooth at all.

Timely servicing would keep it roaring all the time, i have mine running at 5000 kms at still feels new.

About the speeds i have absolutely no idea how fast it would go, because everyime i hit the highway i recorded new speed, the highest being 119 kmph. :-)
I had a helmet on... :) otherwise the wind would have blewn my ears and eyes out :)

Anyways...it is an Asset. A Great Machine. Be the Fastest Indian.