Oct 19, 2007

Cornering - The relationship between confidence and traction!

We have people at Monoshock who are always looking at leaning in corners. They will be crawling along at sluggish speeds and just when the bend is 100 metres away, watch them ham fist the gas and go!

Corners are a delicate relationship between confidence and traction. And when this relationship falters or breaks, we see an event close to the one Rueben Xaus exhibits here in the picture. The first rule to riding and having fun is never to try anything stupid while you are at it. There is nothing that you need to prove to anybody! So take your time. Nobody will deny you food if your last corner did not take away a few mm of metal from the footpegs. Ease out, enjoy the ride. But when you see one coming, hold it down like there is no tomorrow. And be geared. It keeps the bruises and scratches in control!
- Ride Safe

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