Oct 12, 2007

Tyred of this!

Hi Rahul,

Can u suggest some good rear tyre (100/90) for my Unicorn (2007). Mine is a good tyre but I don’t feel confident with this set of tyres especially with little rain on the asphalt.
I mean the tread pattern on the MRF Zapper is not so good for traction (I suppose).

Please put some light on this topic.
Thanks & Regards,

Kartik Shah.

Hi Kartik,

Glad to hear that some riding has been happening on that Unicorn! The 100/90 the bike comes wearing is a good tyre in the first place like you said. However, the compound that these tyres are made of make them durable. Remember how in school, the soft white erasers rubbed so well but lasted so little? And the hard blue ones that outlasted a school term?

Same story here. These tyres are a balance between grip and durability. You can look for softer compound rubber from other companies which are generally imports, but they will not last you that much. Also, stick to the 100/90 profile. Upsizing that to a 120 or something may roger your handling and ride! - Ride Safe

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