Oct 13, 2007

Its now or er, later!

I came across this ad on the net. It says take your riding test now, get legal and enjoy your freedom before it gets tougher to do so in a year's time!

Hmmm, does that mean the guy in the 6th standard now can jump to the 10th because he knows its going to get tougher? Ah! Marketing is reaching amazing levels of clarity I feel. Gone are the days when a cleavage would pull viewers to that oh so amazing website! Its between the eyes now, hook, line and sinker and minus the sugar coating. Ad campaigns hinted a year back - "Its now or never!" What the heck? The EMIs on those bikes are not even halfway done and you have another one with petal discs and a lot more punch. So, did anyone eat their words? No, the consumer did I guess. Everything has to sell. Every darn model has to perform in Q1, Q2 and so on!

Welcome to real world experiments, where every human emotion, desire and hate is being used as a marketing tool. Instant gratification being the key word. Powerpoint presentations in smoky boardrooms decide where your and my savings are going the next month. Every product is launched like its a Pagani Zonda! Press launches happen by the dozens every week. Its now or never, till the enhanced product comes up. Making that college goer feel cheated. Reducing resale values to junkyard levels. Whats next? Answer us you ad gurus out there! Well I'll be damned. . .
- Rahul

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