Oct 30, 2007

Being a Wing Rider! We could not agree more!

Hi everyone... Having recently bought a new Honda Unicorn (Red), I thought I will share my experience with you all.

I must tell you, it was really tough for me to choose from 150 cc bikes available in the market today. Firstly, there is a legendary P150 then, there is a successor to the highly acclaimed CBZ and now there is Apache RTR which is priced very aggressively.

I have a daily to & fro travel to office of around 30 km. Hence, what I wanted was a powerful bike with a good seating position, good mileage and decent looks.

With these requirements in mind I zeroed in on two bikes viz.., P150n & Unicorn. I was really confused between these two bikes. But then, with inputs from Monoshock [we just showed you the door mate, thanks] and after test driving both the bikes I found Unicorn more suitable for me and touch wood, after 450 km on odometer, I feel that I made the right decision.

Of course, it lacks that sound or thump of P150, but then roaring clouds hardly ever rain. Unicorn is like an eagle which glides through the traffic without much fuss. One thing which I liked most is that it shows incredible stability at high speeds, even at corners. The overall fit and finish (build quality) is also ways ahead of any other bike in the segment.

However, cold starting is a big problem and low speed torque is missing.

Summing it up, I must say I am a proud owner of new Unicorn.

Kartik H. Shah
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.,
Automotive Sector,
R&D Centre

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Anonymous said...

hey kartik,
thanx bro for your feedback. moi heading to the honda showroon too. need my own pair of wings.

Jothi said...

Honda UNICORN is having rain water entering problem..

We cant able to drive it in rain..
The Bike is getting off. This is really a bad error made in UNICORN

kaps said...

hi...u should go check if the rpm is set correctly, i am using unicorn first model...2004 october make for around the last seven years...i never had any starting problem with cold starts!