Oct 19, 2007

We keep bikers going - NHAI Toll Audits

Next time you blokes are going down the NHAI, challenging the wind when it comes to speed, think of Rajesh.

Why? You ask. Let me explain. The Toll Plazas on the National Highways collect the money for your passing and that money goes into the returns on investment of these massive arteries of the countries as well as their maintenance.

Rajesh audits these plazas to ensure that the cash registers are ringing and the highways are well maintained. So once you stop for the day and hit the roadside dhaba in the evening. Raise your glass of rum to him! Cheers mate!

Image: Rajesh here seen inspecting the Naini Toll Plaza in Allahabad and can be reached on his email babu_ca2002@yahoo.co.in if you need any info on toll plazas!

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