Oct 29, 2007

Passport to Adventure?

I am planning to buy the Pulsar 200.Besides city driving I will use the bike on the occasional weekend trip. Next year or the year after I want to go driving from Manali to Leh. Most people use Enfields on such a trip where the terrian, weather and climatic conditions are very harsh. Would you recommend this trip be done on the Pulsar 200?

I don't want to buy an Enfield because it doesn't suit my image and its not very practical for city driving. Regards,


Hey Mate,
Thanks for writing in. The P200 is a great machine and we have been saying that for quite some time. It is the best offering from Bajaj today overall. So pick one up and send us some pictures. As far as your question about taking it to the hills goes, this picture with the post should clarify your doubts. Taken by our partner club head Faiyaz Sultan, it shows a P200 taking some high altitiude Ladakh beating gracefully! So don't think about such non issues and go ahead.
Buy a good full faced lid and a riding jacket while you are at it though.
- Ride Safe

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