Oct 19, 2007

Riding Along

Why do we ride out? I ask myself this question often. Is it for the pictures? Or the distance? New faces and people? Asking Nitin this results in a similar loss of words. "Listen nincompoop", he will say while pulling gently on his cigarette, "we ride for ourselves and to stay alive in a world so full of crap!"

Ok buddy, I take your word for it. I always start a ride not knowing where it will lead and how it will end. There is always the excitement of riding long, far and hard. Other times, I ease the pace, absorb the scenery and the lazy Monday afternoon suburbs. Schoolgirls noisily returning from school. A lonesome eagle floats above, frozen in a time-space vortex, and it will be that way forever. And yeah, then there are times when I stop more than I ride. Nicotine is a reason but then its mostly to see and photograph an amazing little visual arrangement of items in the scenery. Weeks have gone by, based on the highs provided by these little amazing outings. Months and years will too. Common sense also tells me that this lifetime consists of weeks and months and hence, these rides can happily fuel it and some more!

The highway beckons. While I sleep, laugh and make love. Images of the tarmac keep flashing on my mind's screen. Ill be there soon, again. Riding Along!

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