May 15, 2008

Action Update Folks! Please

We wonder where the action happened? Oh yes, the TVS flame has launched itself grandly on hoardings all over the country. The sky behind the bike is beautiful to look at and that’s what held our attention for a good 30 seconds! The P220 is still quite a rare site on city streets. The Apache RTRs are on the rise. Yamaha and its MT (01) promises still appear to be a far cry from street side reality.

The R One Five (as the Yamaha blokes insisted, it be called) is something our eyes still scan on the horizon. There is nothing from Bajaj KTM or Honda for that matter. The Kinetic SYM thing does not appear to have taken women into any kind of flight. We know for sure that there are lot of informed folks out there who drop by the Monoshock site and blogs. Let us know what we missed guys. Hand hold us for a month and have patience. We will thrash them bikes around again till they beg to be photographed in a display of wild action. Ok! That reminds us, where is the camera?


first_synn said...

You forgot the part where unca' Munjal came up with "All new" graphics.


Max said...

Lets Rock.... :-)

Anyone for a Ninja 250R? Some more horizon scanning called for!



Sajal said...

Even I'm missing the action on the Automobiles front be it bikes or cars .............. it's all so quite and mum............ keeping my fingures crossed for something big to happen. Every time I ask the Bajaj guys when they are expecting the new bikes they say, three different models arround Diwali......... boy that sucks ... it's a bit too long to wait!!!!

Specially the wait to see the Pulsar 300+( + bole toh even the Bajaj guys over here in Gurgaon are not sure, if it's going to 300, 325 or 350cc) and the XCD sprint.

first_synn said...

Gone again?