Jan 19, 2009

Remembering an old friend!

The cellphone blurted out an alarm at 6 AM. It was a birthday reminder set for a few friends who mean the world to me. I looked up and saw it was Parikshit's birthday. (Doc to me). Memories flooded my mind's screen. That gentle genuine smile from behind the lid. The warm sparkling eyes. That fluid language straight from the midst of Freshwater East in the July 2007 edition of the Monoshock emag! I never endorse drinking or smoking but I raise my glass of rum for you tonight as I try and put my lonely self to sleep. Hope you had a great day, and continue to have many thousands more of them. Someday, we will be back again like the good old days doc.


Anonymous said...

hi rahul, i remember that freshwater east story.. it was amazing. you guys went off air just when i thought the greatest biking mag in india was finally on air.. come back dudes. its not the same without you guys..

Anonymous said...

u f***ers got some nerves! 2 start the best thing we ever had and den leave us to d dogs! get back!

www.monoshock.in said...

All apologies guys. We will, someday. That is a promise.
- Rahul

Anonymous said...

And when will that some day come R? Typing http://monoshock.in has become a ritual. But I am willing to wait. Hope you come back soon

Anonymous said...