Oct 27, 2008

Yamaha tickles our man Neo!

Our man Neo does not mind when an R15 blows him into the weeds while he is riding over to the office on his old, red P180. He does not even wince when the spec sheets of the latest arrivals read seriously advanced figures. Neo was, till now a very happy man.

The Yamaha FZ16 changed all that. A franctic call came to me once in the middle of the night. "Darn Rahul! These Yamaha dudes have slapped a 140 section rear on the FZ16 man!", Neo blurted out. I heard him out and hung up, sure of the fact that he would not sleep all night. He would feel destroyed. Its not about cubic capacity or bhp mates. Its all in the rear rubber! Road test on the All New Monoshock website soon!


BugB said...

Heres a lil update posted on the new FZ16:

a true street ryde....

1) Engine: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder 153cc engine

2) Suspension: Monocross suspension adopted

3) Muffler: Exhaust efficiency, sound and concentration of mass

4) Rear Tyre: India’s first “140/60-17” size radial tyre (rear)

5) Disc Brake: Large-diameter front disc brake adopted

6) Headlight: Multi-reflector headlight adopted”

7) Fuel Tank: 12-liter fuel tank with uniquely styled plastic resin cover

8)The Bike is available in 3 Colours

www.monoshock.in said...

Thanks buddy...